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Singapore Goal Setting Workshop for Students – SuperTeens Singapore

How to do Goal Setting for Student in Singapore? Do you feel that your child has no goals? Does your child not know what to do in life? Do you feel that if your child knows what he would like to do in future, he would spend more time on his work?  Research has shown that people who set goals earn substantially more income than they who have no goals. Achieving the goals that you set have also been proven to bring people happiness, and that is the trait of a successful person.

Most children, unless coached or guided, will certainly not set goals for themselves – they would much rather play and enjoy while they can.  SuperTeens Goal Setting workshop is designed to allow your child discover what he really wants to do in life, and plan the next 10 years of his life in detail, down to the particular key events.


Why your child should register for the SuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop?

Through our Goal Setting, our graduates learn that the key to success is to accept who they are: if they see themselves as a fish then they will behave like a fish; if they see themselves as an “A” student, then they will behave like an “A” student. The moment they accept that they are “A” students, they can begin to achieve their true potential.

In the Superteens Goal Setting Workshop, our graduates learn to accept themselves and project themselves differently so as to achieve what parents really want of them: to be loving, filial son/ daughter and to be a top student in their field of studies.


4 Hours SuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop include:

During the Goal Setting Workshop, our graduates go through fun activities to discover that *What You See Is What You Get*, and that who they are is a result of their thoughts. Through a series of such activities, our graduates’ mindsets begin to change and when that happens, they begin to set compelling goals for themselves.

Goal Setting Workshop will be held every two months and, for the past 28 years, over half a million graduates have benefited from our program: each have gone on to become top students, successful managers, entrepreneurs, outstanding lawyers, doctors and engineers.

GOAL SETTING for student in singaporeUsing the skills and methods that were taught in SuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop, my horrendous results for my prelims of 39pts had transformed into my “O” levels result which was 11pts.

Today, I dare say that without learning about the importance of Goal Setting and planning for my life at SuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am grateful to Dr. Ernest Wong and am honoured to be working alongside a teacher, a mentor and a father.

GOAL SETTING for student in singapore carmenSuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop not only increased my self-esteem, it also allowed me to set academic and personal goals for myself, realise the importance of  family relationships, learn new & interesting ways to improve my study skills, gain new friends, learn life skills, gain discipline & leadership skills; SuperTeens Goal Setting Workshop taught me all these while having fun.

For sure, every SUPERTEEN will bring home with them a greater sense of self-confidence and a surge in self-esteem.

The Exclusive Workshops are from 2pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Limited Seats Only!
Call 6338 2922 or click here to reserve a seat for your family.

Let your child be the next success story!


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