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How to Improve Your Memory Workshop in Singapore – SuperTeens Singapore

Are memory problems a reason why your child is not doing well in Singapore school? Do you feel that your child will score better if he is able to memorize all the key information needed for his tests? Do you feel that if your child can recall information quickly at the tip of his fingers, he will get better results?

Many people in Singapore have got many ways to memorize their information, and there is no good or bad way; only ways that are more efficient and less efficient. Also, different subjects require different memory skills and techniques to conquer and do well. Subjects such as Social Studies will require a different set of memory skills as compared to memorizing information from Chemistry.

Why your child should register for the SuperTeens How to Improve Your Memory Workshop?

Singapore SuperTeens Memory Workshop is designed to equip your child with multiple efficient memory skills that he may use for different subject types, and effectively score A’so that he may be able to go into the desired school and achieve his goals.

4 Hours Singapore SuperTeens Memory Workshop include:

During the Singapore SuperTeens Memory Workshop, we equip our graduates with at least 5 memory techniques through interactive activities that allow them to discover and put to use the eleven principles of memory that will enable them to remember with speed and clarity all the information that they need in order to score A’s. They will also be given opportunities to apply it in the different subjects and our coaches will ensure they fully grasp the concept.

Through our engaging activities, our graduates discover the secret to super memory that has 11 principles. They also discover that memorizing information can be simple and fun, in a completely new manner that engages all senses.

  Limited Seats Only!

Call +65 6338 2922 or click here to reserve a seat for your family.

Let your child be the next success story!


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