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Singapore Gather Information Workshop – SuperTeens Singapore

The ability to gather information is key to success, not just in studies, but also in life. In school, the ability to pick up information quickly and accurately will result in a shorter study time that will result in more time to focus on other aspects of life such as family. Do you feel that your child will be better in his studies in Singapore if he is able to gather information more accurately from what the teacher teaches in school? Do you feel that if your child can pick up and put together every concept from the textbook and notes, he will get better results?

The inability to pick up information and place them together hinders the revision process of a student, leading to poor and undesirable results.

Why your child should register for the Singapore SuperTeens Gathering Information Workshop?

Singapore SuperTeens Gathering Information Workshop is designed to equip your child with skills to pick up information from any text that they have to study with precision and speed without having to miss out any key concepts so that they will be able to perform their preparation for any test or exam and ace it!

4 Hours Singapore SuperTeens Gathering Information Workshop includes:

During the Singapore SuperTeens Gathering Information Workshop, we equip our graduates with techniques through action-packed activities that allow them to pick up information accurately and quickly. They also learn the magical 80/20 rule that will reduce their study time by 80% as they focus on only the 20% of the content that will produce results.

Through our fun-filled Gathering Information Workshop, our graduates discover that studying can be fun and easy as they build the skills required to become an “A” student.

 Limited Seats Only!

Call +65 6338 2922 or click here to reserve a seat for your family.

Let your child be the next success story!

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