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Singapore Speed Reading Workshop – Superteens Singapore

Over 80% of students’ greatest complain in Singapore is having “NOT ENOUGH TIME”.  Would you agree that if your child can increase his reading speed, he will be able to complete his exam papers earlier and would have more time to check his work? Do you feel that if your child has an increased speed of reading, he will be able to cover more content while doing his revision? Top students in Singapore all have been trained, in one way or another, to read at top speed.

In this modern era, with innovative developments in technology such as the iPad and tablets, children in Singapore rarely read any more. When they read less, they are given less opportunity to train their reading speed, and in most cases, leads to regression in reading where students read and re-read without understanding what they have just read.

Why your child should register for the SuperTeens Speed Reading Workshop?

Singapore SuperTeens Speed-Reading Workshop is designed to increase the reading speed of your child so that he will be able to gather all the information he needs at a much faster speed, essentially making him a more efficient student!

4 Hours Singapore SuperTeens Speed Reading Workshop include:

During the Singapore SuperTeens Time Management Workshop, we immerse our graduates in fun and engaging activities that allow them to not only read quickly and accurately, but also to pick up and register all the information that they have read. When they have seen for themselves how fast they can now read, they can begin to understand how easy it is to study and will become more motivated to do well in their studies.

In this workshop, we will not promise that your child’s reading speed will increase as much as 5 times, but we promise that their reading speed will improve at least 4 times!

Limited Seats Only!

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Let your child be the next success story!

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