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Singapore Time Management Workshop – Superteens Singapore

Parents in Singapore always face this problem for their children: “How to manage time better?” Do you feel that your child has got poor time management? Does your child not know how to prioritize? Do you feel that if your child knows how to manage his time properly, he would score better results? Time management skills are an important segment of life, and if managed well, will certainly lead to success in many areas.

Most children and even adults in Singapore do not know how to manage their time properly, nor make appropriate plans; they would much rather go with the flow and do the things they enjoy. SuperTeens Time Management workshop is designed to allow your child discover how much time he really has each day of the week, how he is spending the time, and re-plan his time properly while setting priorities.

Why your child should register for the Singapore SuperTeens Time Management Workshop?

Through our Singapore SuperTeens Time Management, our graduates learn that the key to success is to viable and achievable goals: many people have got poor time manage skills because they do not set goals; without goals there will not be any sense of urgency and hence the lack of need to plan their time properly.

4 Hours Singapore SuperTeens Time Management Workshop include:

They really have and what they can do within a short amount of time. In this workshop, we run through with our graduates’ their daily routine and examine closely together what they really are doing; after that happens, they begin to set daily goals and plan out their timetables for themselves.

In the Singapore Superteens Time Management Workshop, our graduates in Singapore  learn to set achievable goals and come with timetables of their own so that they may follow closely, and go on to be a top student in their field of studies.

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